Holly and Beau rain jackets worn by girls outdoors

Here at Holly and Beau, we love rainy days and heading outside to explore the great outdoors. You could call us pluviophiles – that’s a person who loves the rain and finds joy and peace of mind during the rainy days. Yep, that’s us alright.

So, if you’re wondering what fun things you can do with your children on a rainy day, why not try one or two of our rainy-day activities.

Puddle jumping

 All you need is a good lashing of rain (to make a puddle or two), a handful of children ready to get a little messy (we’re sure that won’t be hard to find), and a sprinkle of magical rainwear (optional, but definitely worth it). Mix it all together and you will have hours of puddle jumping fun.

Why not have your own competition and see who can make the biggest splash – Adults are definitely encouraged to join in too, and even show the kids how it’s done.

If you find yourself with a little puddle jumping star, you can even enter the Puddle Jumping Championships. 

So next rainy-day, get the kids outside in their Holly and Beau rainwear and start making a puddle jumping champion.  

Holly and Beau rainwear worn puddle jumping

Nature Scavenger hunt

This one you can do come rain or shine. Gather your little detectives up for a nature scavenger hunt. Take a bag and head to your nearest woodland or park in search for natural treasure. You can make your own list of treasure items for your little ones to collect or even head over to the Woodland Trust’s website for their seasonal lists. https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/naturedetectives/activities/2016/03/spring-scavenger-hunt/

Once they have collected all the treasure, don’t let it go to waste. Take them home and create natural collages and leaf rubbings.

Kids wearing Holly and Beau rainwear

Making mud pies

Those buckets and spades tucked away in a cupboard somewhere aren’t just for summer seaside trips. Dig them out and find a muddy patch outside for some serious mud pie making.

Find some smooth, sand free mud and mix it in the bucket with some water, best done with little hand. Mould into muddy little pies and pastries and decorate with flowers, stones and sticks.

Head to the kitchen

After all that outdoor adventure it’s time to head inside and get clean and dry. Little tummies are bound to be rumbling after all that puddle jumping and treasure hunting.

Why not head into the kitchen and cook up some treats with the kids. Cooking is definitely one of the most valuable skills that you can teach your children. Don your chef’s hat and apron and get cooking.

Girl wearing cupcake design raincoat by Holly and Beau

Indoor Den Making

Whilst the yummy treats are baking in the oven, which we know can feel like a lifetime for little ones. Get the kids to make an indoor den.

Grab some lightweight sheets or blankets and drape them over chairs, tables or even tie them to door handles. You can use washing pegs to attached sheets together. Gather some cushions and blankets and make a comfy nest inside.


June 18, 2020 — Jack Passant

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