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Customer reviews
"Love these raincoats! Took them to school and we got so many compliments. Love the color change, makes it so fun to walk in the rain".
— Brandy - Monster Color Changing Raincoat
"The magic comes to life, is what my 4 year old daughter says when she is showing people her new coat. She loves it so much and is waiting for some rain so she can watch the unicorns change."
— Caroline - Unicorn Color Changing Raincoat
Ordered a color change raincoat and it’s even better than I had expected! A great quality coat, accurate sizing and the color change element works perfectly!
— Author's Kate - Dalmatian Color Changing Raincoatname
"This coat is delightful. The fabric is soft and the jacket is so well made. The colour changing Dalmatians are so fun, we will have to keep her from pouring water on herself just to see them change."
— Katie - Dalmatian Colour Changing Raincoat