Don't take our word for it, read what our happy customers are saying about our magical products.


"We love Holly and Beau, the umbrellas are really wonderful for little hands and open/close smoothly so they can do it themselves. "

- @carogreenholtz

"From the minute this package arrived at our door Tavae has been obsessed. I can totally see why a 2 year old would find a raincoat and umbrella completely amusing when they change colour when they get wet."

- @anchor_andsail


"She's loving her color changing rain gear! This is actually her first raincoat & umbrella! She didn't want to come back inside"

- @ohitsmeli13

"The whole set is so awesome, but I love the big classic handle on the umbrella!"

- @mamaeplus3


"Rainy days mean we get to pull out our favorite Holly & Beau color changing raincoat! This Raincoat is one of the biggest reasons Mika loves rainy days."


"It's hard to believe that this kid was once petrified of the rain, it was traumatic for her. Her fear stemmed from the sound of the rain on our tin roof, which was quite litterally paralysing for a little lady with hypersensitive hearing. She then associated any rain, even out in the open, with the sound that hurt her ears. To encourage her out into the rain we started by keeping her ear muffs on and taking her Holly and Beau umbrella. Over time, we were able to loose the ear muffs. Now when it rains, she would rather be out in it instead of inside. Holly and Beau's color changing raincoat & umbrellas definitely makes it easier, because it makes being in the rain fun!"

- @misszetarose


A magical experience guaranteed

Holly and Beau is a magical children’s rainwear brand. Our clothing items dramatically change color when they come into contact with water, returning back to the original color once dry. Created using our uniquely developed technology, our raincoats aged 2 – 8 years encourage children to play outdoors, creating a magical fun experience during any rainy day.